When you are buying or selling real estate, you need a competent lawyer to represent your interests. Even the smallest real estate transaction involves stacks of legal documents, multiple important details, tight timelines, and plenty of traps for the unwary. Larger transactions often involve many conditions, contingencies, and financing arrangements that must be carefully attended to.

Real Estate

Real Estate Lawyer

A good real estate lawyer will advise you on the risks and benefits of a proposed transaction, protect you from future liabilities, address any last-minute problems, and facilitate a smooth closing. They will also have meticulous attention to detail, good negotiation skills, and an ability to proactively resolve any issues.

Real Estate

We can help you negotiate a good deal and resolve any issues

Our lawyers can help your real estate transaction go smoothly at every step, from the signing of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to the handover of the keys. Call us today and schedule a meeting to discuss your upcoming transaction!

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We assist clients with a wide range of real estate transactions and disputes, and will proactively resolve any issues that arise. Our services include:

House Sales and Purchases

Condominium Sales and Purchases

Mortgage Refinancing

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

Arranging for Title Insurance

Legal Advice

Transfer of

Review of documents and contracts
(such as the Agreement of Purchase and Sale)

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Complex problems need smart solutions. Our highly trained team will review your situation, advise you of your rights, and take prompt action to resolve your legal problem.

If you require legal assistance with a real estate transaction, call us today!