Condominium Law

Board and Directors

Condominiums are typically governed by a Board of Directors, with some or all directors being elected at each AGM. An individual typically needs to be a unit owner to be elected as a director. The Board typically oversees the day-to-day affairs of the condominium, and makes all minor decisions that may affect the condominium.

Condominium Law

The Condominium Act, the condominium’s declaration and by-laws, and other legislation, often limit what the Board is or is not allowed to do. For example, major financial decisions (such as major renovations) often require explicit unit owner approval via a special vote.

Boards of Directors making difficult decisions, and unit owners questioning such decisions, can both benefit from skilled legal advice. Our legal team has advised both condominiums and unit owners on a variety of situations in the past. Contact us today and let us guide you through your condominium situation.

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