Civil Litigation

Evidence & Witnesses

In any legal dispute, it is important to have evidence to prove your claims. This evidence must be collected, organized, and assessed early in the process – failure to do so will cause you to lose your dispute. The two most important forms of evidence are documents and witnesses.

Civil Litigation

Most modern activities generate many documents – these include not only formal paperwork and receipts, but also emails, texts, call logs, etc. The court expects you to have appropriate documents to prove your claims, and will often give little weight to claims not supported by such documents. Documents you wish to use as evidence must be submitted to the court (and the other side) long before trial – the court will usually not allow you to ‘surprise’ the trial participants with a previously-undisclosed document.

Witnesses are people who can tell the court what they experienced (or saw/heard/etc.) Witnesses are often vital to proving some parts of your claim. Effective use of witnesses usually requires some preparation – where possible, the witnesses should be interviewed and evaluated well in advance of trial. Witness lists must be provided to the court long before trial, along with the expected length of their testimony.

Our firm begins collecting, compiling, and evaluating the required evidence early in the process. Early attention to evidence ensures that all deadlines are met, that the strength of a case is accurately assessed and that we can present a strong case in early settlement negotiations with the opposing party. Contact us today, and let us help you win your dispute!

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