Civil Litigation

Legal Process

Civil litigation legal process involves various steps such as initiating the claim, initiating court documents, plaintiffs claim, and serving the claim. Along with these, it also includes several other steps.

Civil litigation legal process involves various steps such as,

Beginning the process of litigation, this process involves assessing the claim, if it is cost efficient to sue, if viable legal claim exists.
The next step is to prepare initiating court documents, plaintiffs claim. Or to prepare a defence to an existing plaintiffs claim.
Once the initiating court document is ready and approved by the client, the court requires that the part have this document served on the opposing party.
It is also essential to give the opposing party reasonable time to review, prepare and serve their response to the initiating documents.
It also includes various other steps such as,  Responding to the Claim, Replying to Defendant’s Response, Discoveries, Mandatory Mediations, Setting an Action Down for Trial, Pre-Trial Conference, Trial Preparations and Trial.

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