Civil Litigation

Costs & Benefits of Litigation

Litigation can be expensive in both time and money. The costs of litigation are proportional to the complexity of the dispute, the amount of evidence and witnesses involved, and the length of time the dispute goes on for.

Simple disputes that settle early cost far less than complex ones that proceed all the way to a long trial.

Estimating Litigation Costs

Despite its costs, litigation is often the only way of obtaining money and stopping objectionable behavior. The benefits of litigation are proportional to the strength of your claim and the value of the claimed relief. The benefits also depend on whether you will be able to enforce a favorable court order.

Contact our firm to let our skilled legal professionals review your case. We will help you estimate the cost of litigation and the likely value of your claim before committing to a lengthy proceeding. We will also revise our estimates as the case advances and new information is discovered.

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