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A lease is a contract between landlord and tenant: the tenant pays money for the right to use a property. Commercial tenants pay much more than residential ones, and are protected by far fewer statutory rules. However, a bad commercial tenant can also cause the landlord far more damage – up to and including the destruction of the property.

Negotiating a good commercial lease is vital for both the landlord and the tenant. Both must act quickly to prevent or resolve any lease disputes – as failing to do so can mean bankruptcy for either one. Commercial leases are often governed by strict timelines – if you have a problem, you should act quickly.

Our firm helps prospective landlords and tenants negotiate their commercial leases. We also help resolve problems and disputes with existing leases, including failures to pay and non-compliance with lease conditions. Whether you need a lease drafted, advice on a potential lease, or a litigator to defend your rights in court, contact us for prompt help.

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