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Divorce is the formal dissolution of a marriage. It is a necessary step to enable the spouses to move on with their lives and remarry. Although marriages can be performed by a variety of civil and religious authorities, divorces can only be granted by a court.

A court will only grant a divorce where it is satisfied that other disputes between the parties have been addressed – especially any issues related to the children (custody, access, support). A legal dispute over any of these issues will typically delay a divorce. If your situation involves such additional disputes (i.e. over children, property, and support), you should get immediate legal advice to help you proceed.

Our firm has assisted many divorcing clients, and understands that these are the most stressful days for your family. We will help you understand the law and plan an effective exit strategy. We will work with you to negotiate a separation agreement that protects your rights and assets. If your case proceeds to trial, we will fight for you at every stage of the court process. Contact us today and let us help you through your darkest days.

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