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Separation Agreements

Although often used interchangeably, divorce and separation have distinct legal meanings.

A divorce changes a person’s legal status: in the eyes of the law they are no longer married to the ex-spouse. Divorces must be granted by a court, and are usually only granted once issues of child custody, child support, spousal support and property division are dealt with.

Separation Agreement

A separation means that a couple is living separate and apart despite being legally married. Although the spouses may feel that their legal relationship is over, the law does not consider it to be. Often, the issues of custody, support, and property division have not been adequately resolved.

If you are going through a separation,

It is vital to have a separation agreement that protects your rights. A separation agreement can settle contentious issues and prevent costly court battles.

Not all separation agreements are created equal. A cookie cutter template is likely to do more harm than good, and will often be set aside (voided) by the court. Likewise, signing a separation agreement that does not have your interests in mind can have disastrous implications.

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At our firm, we ensure that your separation agreement addresses both your unique needs and the requirements of Ontario law. We will take the time to discuss what is important to you in order to craft an agreement that fully protects you.

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