Condominium Law

Condominiums are multi-residential developments (usually urban, multi-storey residential towers) that combine both private elements that are held by individual owners (the condominium units themselves) and ‘common elements’ that are the shared property of all owners in the development.

Condominium Law

Condominium owners typically pay a monthly maintenance fee to the condominium, and elect Boards of Directors to manage the common elements and oversee the use of the pooled maintenance fees.

Condominiums are governed by the Condominium Act, and must follow several special rules contained within. Condominium disputes often address the governance of the condominium and the respective rights and obligations of the condominium corporation and the unit owners.

Condominium Law

Both condominium Boards and unit owners often require legal help to understand their situation and protect their rights. Our firm has advised both condominium Boards and unit owners on a variety of matters. Contact us and let us assist you!

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