Civil Litigation

Basics of Lawsuits

Should I Sue?

Civil lawsuits can arise out of disputes between people, businesses, or other entities, including government entities. Civil lawsuits generally proceed through distinct steps: pleadings, discovery, trial, and possibly an appeal.

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Parties can stop the litigation process by voluntarily settling at any time. Most cases settle before reaching trial, however a party usually needs to present a strong case in order to get a good settlement.

Starting a lawsuit is a major step, and you should first carefully evaluate your proposed arguments and evidence. Not all perceived wrongs create a legal claim. Not all legal claims can be proven. Not all provable claims are worth a lawsuit. On the other hand, some situations do give rise to strong legal claims – sometimes ones that are worth millions.

A skilled lawyer can evaluate your situation and help you decide whether to start a lawsuit, what amounts to claim, and what amount to accept in settlement. The lawyer will also assist you in preparing your legal documents and evidence and help you advance your case in the most cost-efficient way.

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