Spousal Support

Although most people focus on child support, spousal support (sometimes called alimony) can be an equally large payment obligation. Spousal support entitlement can depend on many factors, such as:


   - the duration of the marriage

   - whether any economic disadvantage or inequality between the spouses is apparent

   - the reason for such economic inequality

   - the likelihood of the disadvantaged spouse to become financially self sustaining


If you or your spouse may be entitled to spousal support, it is important to plan a legal strategy as soon as the relationship breakdown occurs. Speaking with a lawyer can help you find out if a support entitlement exists, the likely monthly payment, and the period of time that the support will be payable. A lawyer can also help you negotiate a lump sum spousal support payment.


Don’t let your ex-spouse take advantage of you, call the lawyers at Paul Mitassov Law to get a fair and accurate evaluation of your unique situation and find out whether you are eligible to receive spousal support.