Commercial Leases

When your business grows beyond your garage, you will need to sign a commercial lease. These documents can contain complex clauses such as:

–   Liabilities for landlord’s operating, insurance, and tax costs, possibly including costs not caused by your business

–   Fluctuating operating costs, causing price uncertainty

–   Missing or one-sided termination clauses, possibly locking you in for a long period of time.

–   Vague renewal clauses, possibly raising your payments after you have already invested in substantial renovations

–   Difficult additional requirements, including requirements to purchase additional insurance, security devices, etc.

Unlike residential tenants, commercial tenants have very few protections under the law – buyer beware! On the flip side, a commercial landlord often has higher capital and operating costs than a residential one – the seller must be careful as well.

At Paul Mitassov Law we will:

–   Review your potential or existing lease documents

–   Help you understand all the lease terms

–   Obtain additional information to help you make informed decisions;

–   Draft lease documents that best address your business’ need

–   Negotiate better lease terms on your behalf

–   Represent your in any legal proceeding

Commercial leases are major business decisions with thousands of dollars (or more) at stake. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – book a meeting with our lawyers today!