Estate Litigation

Few people expect to have a legal battle over their family's assets, however such estate litigation has become increasingly common. Both wills and executor conduct can be challenged in court for various reasons, such as undue influence or unjust enrichment. Estate litigation can be a complicated process, and will usually require an experienced lawyer on your side. 


If you are getting less than your fair share, or if your relatives are making unreasonable demands, it is important to collect detailed documentation supporting your position, including:

   - A complete copy of any will

   - A complete copy of any powers of attorney

   - A copy of any other testamentary documents (such as insurance or pension beneficiary designations)

   - A summary and approximate valuation of any assets in question

   - A copy of any correspondence between you and any potentially adverse parties (i.e. executors, or beneficiaries with competing claims)

   - A summary of the history between yourself, the testator (the deceased or incapacitated individual), and any potentially adverse parties


A lawyer can help you evaluate and assess the situation, and will be able to advise whether or not you should take legal action. The lawyers at Paul Mitassov Law have the education, experience and attention to detail needed to ensure the best outcome for your estate dispute. Call us today, schedule your free consultation, and let us help you get what you deserve!