Breach of Contract

Most business relationships are in the form of a contract - at its simplest, a promise of goods or services in exchange for a set amount of money. Unfortunately, many contracts are broken: goods undelivered, services unperformed, and money unpaid.


When you get less than you bargained for, contact a lawyer immediately! A lawyer will help you assess your situation, preserve any evidence, prepare a strategy that maximizes your chances of recovery, and (if needed) represent you in court. The lawyer can also help you prepare new contracts that help prevent the problem from repeating.


Make sure to preserve and show your lawyer the following:

   - The original contract documents, if any (i.e. contract and attachments, emails showing what was agreed to, etc.)

   - Documents showing whether payments were made (i.e. bank records, etc.)

   - Documents showing whether goods and services were delivered (shipping manifests, service logs, before/after pictures of performed work, etc.)

   - Any correspondence between you and the other parties to the agreement


Whether your dispute involves an employment contract, a real estate deal, or even a verbal agreement with your contractor, contact your Toronto lawyers for support. At Paul Mitassov Law, we have experience getting results for clients who have experienced a variety of breach of contract situations, and we will fight to protect your rights.