Drug Offences

Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the sale or possession of illegal drugs and other controlled substances as outlined in the Criminal Code is a punishable criminal offence. The punishments are serious: even a single joint of marijuana can land you in jail and earn you a criminal record. Recent police tactics have also increased the number of people charged with drug possession.


When the police suspect you of possessing drugs, they are likely to ask multiple questions, demand compliance with multiple searches, and possibly ask you to undergo multiple tests. This process contains many traps for the unwary: a poorly considered sentence can later be used as a "confession" at trial. Likewise, an individual charged with drug possession will often struggle to understand the steps required to avoid prison.


If you find yourself suspected or charged with drug possession, follow the steps below:

   - Remain silent.

   - Stay out of trouble.

   - Get a lawyer.


The lawyers at Paul Mitassov Law have extensive experience representing clients charged with a drug offence. Our lawyers will give you the best possible chance of avoiding prison time and criminal records. Call us today for a free consultation on your case.